Because of its growth and the addition of new lines of work and new researchers, the group has its facilities spread over various laboratories of the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Vigo.



Biomass combustion Lab

The biomass combustion line has several facilities. The largest experimental facilities are located in an laboratory next to the School. This lab is specifically dedicated to this line and to the prototype development.

Pellet and wood chips biomass boiler KWB Multifire 60kW

Ecoforest 24kW pellet boiler


 Experimental batch burner to analyze the advance front speed


Burner with continuous feeding to study combustion and fouling in boilers




Thermogravimetry Lab

Since five years ago, the group opened a new line of research with the adquisition of a Setaram simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). Linked to the TGA/DSC through a thermally isolated line, it is a Varian FT-IR spectrometer. Thanks to this, species generated during biomass degradation in the TGA/DSC are identifyed by the FT-IR.



Engines & Outboard engines Lab

The GTE group has two laboratories where research about engines is carried out. Mainly in the City Site of the School, the group is dealing with thermal engines (mostly marine ones). For this purpose, the group has several test benches, flue gases analyzer and other measurement equipment. Moreover, the outboard engine testing lab is officially accredited for engine homologation.

Among the equipment available, we can highlight:

Accredited Outboard Engine Testing Laboratory



3 Cylinder diesel engine for biofuels tests



Diesel powered stirling engine 


Particulate matter emission Lab

A laboratory featuring two different engine test benches is available at the School of Industrial Engineering. Both are connected to our prototype electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and tests for the study of the collection efficiency of these devices are carried out. Currently these tests are performed with a diesel powered engine, but in the future test with gasoline engines and biomass boilers will be done.


Energetic efficiency Lab

In this laboratory, several improvements and energetic evaluation tests are made on a small-scale trigeneration system, in order to enhance its performance, reliability and efficiency so as to achieve an efficient energy supply.